Published On: November 28, 2011

Wireworld Cable Technology Introduces Starlight USB 3.0 Cable

Published On: November 28, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Wireworld Cable Technology Introduces Starlight USB 3.0 Cable

Wireworld has announed the Starlight USB 3.0 cable. This cable provides significantly more design and technological innovation over the typical USB 3.0 cable currently available on the market.

Wireworld Cable Technology Introduces Starlight USB 3.0 Cable

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Wireworld_Starlight_USB_3_0_Cable.jpgWireworld has announced what could be the first high-end cable in the USB 3.0 format.

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The Starlight USB 3.0 SuperSpeed cable is a flat and flexible cable that utilizes proprietary conductor geometry and upgrade materials to improve sound quality. To increase transmission speed and reduce jitter, Starlight's Symmetricon design utilizes twelve signal conductors in place of the nine conductors used in other USB 3.0 cables. The cable's oversized conductors are made of silver-clad oxygen-free copper, reportedly providing increased efficiency and natural tone quality.

Another exclusive feature of the cable is an isolated power conductor for quieter power that improves signal purity.

Starlight USB 3.0 cables are available in both A to B and A to microB configurations in lengths of 0.5 Meter to 5 Meters. The one meter lengths of both configurations will sell for $119.95 when they become available in January 2012.

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