Wisdom Audio L75m On-Wall Loudspeaker Reviewed

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Wisdom Audio L75m On-Wall Loudspeaker Reviewed

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WisdomAudio-L75m-Image.jpgWhat if there was a loudspeaker that could stand toe to toe with the likes of Wilson Audio's Sasha W/P, Revel's Salon2 or even the legendary Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond - yet did so without taking up an inch of floor space - would you be interested? Of course you would. That's precisely what Wisdom Audio has done in the creation of their L75m on-wall loudspeaker. Priced at $8,500 each plus the cost of the SC-1 system controller ($6,500), the L75m is Wisdom's largest, single chassis on-wall loudspeaker designed to do battle with some of the biggest names in the audiophile speaker business.

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The L75m is a 76-inch Planar Magnetic Hybrid Loudspeaker that features a 48-inch planar magnetic line source that covers the midrange and high frequencies, leaving the bass to its four woofers. The L75m measures 76 inches tall by seven inches wide and six inches deep and weighs a hefty 69 pounds. The L75m sports an aircraft grade aluminum chassis that is finished in Wisdom's standard charcoal grey, which is more or less whitish-grey in color, similar but not identical to some of Apple's core products. The L75m has a reported frequency response of 40Hz to 20kHz with an impedance of four and a half Ohms for the planar section and three Ohms for the woofers. The reason Wisdom gives two different figures for the L75m's impedance is because the L75m, like all Wisdom speakers, must be bi-amped; however each section won't require Herculean-like power, thanks to the L75m's sensitivity which is 95dB for the planar section and 91dB for the woofers. I should mention that Wisdom does offer a line of amplifiers, which mate beautifully with the L75m but are sold separately. Of course the L75m requires the use of Wisdom's 7.3 channel SC-1 controller, which houses its electronic crossover as well as a tweaked version of Audyssey's MultiEQ XT room correction software, on all 17 output channels in order for them to work properly. The SC-1 controller retails for $6,500, which brings the total cost of a two-channel system featuring a pair of L75m on-wall speakers to $23,500 - a lot of money for sure, but well within the realm of reason for anyone considering a pair of 800 Diamonds, Sasha W/Ps or Studio2 loudspeakers.

In terms of sound quality the L75m are unlike any on-wall loudspeaker you've heard and arguably unlike any floorstanding loudspeaker you've heard too, for they possess the coherence of, say, a full-range electrostatic coupled with the bass of a traditional dynamic speaker with the dynamics and ease of a fine, high sensitivity loudspeaker. Hybrid? Absolutely, only unlike other hybrid loudspeakers the L75m manages to sound seamless in its presentation. The L75m's midrange and high frequency performance is sublime, possessing tremendous texture and subtlety that simply begs belief. Bass is taut and textured and plunges deep enough for most, though for truly full-range sound you'll want to add a subwoofer, which subsequently Wisdom can offer to you. What's truly amazing about the L75m is how dynamic they are, able to start and stop on a dime in ways that would embarrass many speakers costing multiples more. Also, the seamless nature in which the L75m present the sound is nothing short of addictive and the soundstage these on-walls are capable of producing will have you scratching your head in disbelief. Even at high volumes, I'm talking hearing damage high, the L75m on-wall loudspeaker is simply unflappable, capable of peaks in excess of crazy without distortion and/or compression.

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