Published On: May 29, 2011

Xantech Introduces QuickConfig Mode for MX88 Multi-Zone Media Controller

Published On: May 29, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Xantech Introduces QuickConfig Mode for MX88 Multi-Zone Media Controller

Tired of spending hours upon hours programming your control system. Now you don't have to. Xantech's new QuickConfig mode allows for programming of the MX88 control system in nearly no time at all.

Xantech Introduces QuickConfig Mode for MX88 Multi-Zone Media Controller

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Xantech will soon introduce its Xantech QuickConfig configuration mode for its MX88 IP-enabled multi-zone audio/video controller.

QuickConfig allegedly eliminates the programming process that can take days and reduces it down to as little as 10 minutes. By employing QuickConfig, the installer can instantly configure the MX88 for multiple zones and sources throughout a residence without the need of an external computer to program the system. The MX88 can be used to control audio/video, lighting, and drapes. Additionally, it can be programmed to control the air conditioning/heating system, home security, and video surveillance cameras.

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QuickConfig mode lets installers do all programming of sources and zones directly via the MX88's keypad or Xantech's new SmartPanel LCD touchpanels.

QuickConfig is straightforward, guiding the installer one-by-one through the system components and manufacturer codes, much like programming a universal remote control device. QuickConfig also configures the MX88's iPad interface.

The MX88 allows a user to control an entire Xantech multi-zone audio/video system using an Apple iPad. The network-ready MX88 combines a 50W x 16-channel/8-zone amplifier with automation control capable of up to reportedly 16 Serial ports and 17 selectable IR ports, as well as IP communication and two-way interface with an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

The MX88's engineering and design incorporate a wide range of technical improvements to make it more eco-friendly. The unit is built around a "greener" power supply with 100V-240V automatic voltage selection and low-power consumption mode.

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