Published On: October 27, 2023

Xbox October Update Brings Keyboard Mapping for Controllers

Published On: October 27, 2023
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Xbox October Update Brings Keyboard Mapping for Controllers

Xbox's latest update brings accessibility to the forefront, allowing players to map keyboard controls to their controllers and simplify clip editing.

Xbox October Update Brings Keyboard Mapping for Controllers

By Author: Nemanja Grbic
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A new update has landed in the Xbox gaming ecosystem, bringing with it a host of accessibility improvements and features aimed at enhancing the gaming experience for a wide range of users. The standout feature in the Xbox October update is the introduction of keyboard mapping for Xbox controllers, offering a significant stride in making games more accessible to a diverse gaming audience.

The most notable feature of this update is the ability to map keyboard controls to your Xbox controller, catering to players who use the Xbox Adaptive Controller or the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. This feature allows users to bind nearly 90 individual keyboard keys to their controller buttons or paddles. 

This new addition lets players fully engage with keyboard-centric games, all while using their controllers. It is a remarkable leap forward in terms of accessibility, particularly for gamers with limited mobility or physical challenges.

Xbox October Update - Accessories App, Keyboard Mapping

To utilize this feature, players can make use of the Xbox Accessories app, available on both Xbox consoles and Windows PCs. By mapping keyboard keys to their controllers, gamers can navigate games with complex commands, limited remapping capabilities, or games that don't inherently support controllers.

Another valuable addition to the Xbox October update is the integration of Xbox with Microsoft's Clipchamp video editor. Gamers can now seamlessly sign into their Xbox accounts within Clipchamp and access all their game captures uploaded to the Xbox Network. 

This functionality simplifies the video editing process, offering the capability to trim, crop, add effects, and create captivating content with ease. The user-friendly Clipchamp platform further enhances the creative potential of Xbox gamers, facilitating the sharing of their edited content.

Xbox Privacy ODC preferences

Xbox is also streamlining the way it handles users' preferences for sharing diagnostic data. Previously device-based, the optional diagnostic data controls have now become account-based. This means that once users have configured their preferences on one gaming device, such as an Xbox console or a PC, those preferences will apply consistently across their entire Xbox ecosystem. This change offers users more control and flexibility over how they share their data to help improve the gaming experience.

As part of the Xbox October update, Microsoft is experimenting with a new feature that enables a selected subset of users to effortlessly interact with friends. From their profile page, these fortunate players will have the ability to invite friends to parties and join games directly, bypassing the need to navigate through the friends list. While currently only available to a randomized group of users for testing purposes, this feature could potentially streamline the social gaming experience.

To sum it up, the Xbox October update introduces keyboard mapping for controllers, which significantly enhances accessibility for gamers with specialized controllers, and integrates Xbox captures seamlessly into Microsoft's Clipchamp for efficient editing. Additionally, the update streamlines the management of diagnostic data preferences, and an experimental feature is being tested to facilitate easier interaction with friends during gaming sessions. 

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