Published On: April 14, 2010

Yamaha Launches New Line of Affordable Ear Bud Headphones

Published On: April 14, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Yamaha Launches New Line of Affordable Ear Bud Headphones

Yamaha has launched a new line of in-ear headphones which includes the EPH-20, EPH-30, and EPH-50. The headphones are affordable but don't make huge compromises in quality.

Yamaha Launches New Line of Affordable Ear Bud Headphones

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Yamaha-EPH-20-Earbuds.gifYamaha Electronics Corporation just introduced three new in-ear headphones for mp3 players, iPods and other portable entertainment devices. The line, which includes the EPH-20 (MSRP: $29.95), EPH-30 (MSRP: $49.95) and EPH-50 (MSRP: $99.95), takes advantage of the company's long-held expertise in audio and music products to provide Yamaha's signature natural sound, noise isolation, comfort and durability to casual listeners and audiophiles.


From the entry-level EPH-20 to the professional quality EPH-50, the Yamaha line offers great listening experiences to any music fan. All models provide a set of three ear buds of various sizes to best fit the ears of any listener and high efficiency to maximize mp3 player battery life. The EPH-50 features a larger audio driver, a ¼-inch plug adapter for home stereo use and extra durable construction. The EPH-20 is available in five colors, including black, hot pink, indigo blue, lime green and red berry brown. The EPH-50 and EPH-30 are available in black and white.

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