Published On: May 3, 2012

Yamaha Unveils New Top Model Receivers

Published On: May 3, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Yamaha Unveils New Top Model Receivers

Yamaha releases a line of AV receivers that they called simply elegant. Now, with the RX-V773WA and RX-V673 models, the company has added the top of the line to the series of products.

Yamaha Unveils New Top Model Receivers

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Yamaha_RX-V773WA_AV_Receiver.jpgYamaha just unveiled the top model updates to the RX-V series AV receivers - the 7.2-channel RX-V773WA and RX-V673. The models boast features including AirPlay compatibility with Apple iOS devices, direct connectivity to iPads, iPhones and iPods via front panel USB ports, intelligent assignable amplifiers and the company's proprietary YPAO system calibration. These network receivers also deliver audio from Internet radio and DLNA-certified devices. A WiFi adapter is included with the RX-V773WA for the wireless streaming of content and system control.

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The RX-V773WA and RX-V673 follow the introductions of the rest of the RX-V series receivers, including the 7.1-channel RX-V573, 5.1-channel RX-V473 and 5.1-channel RX-V373, which were introduced over the last month.

The Yamaha AV controller app available for iOS (iPad/iPhone) and Android devices offers control over these AV receivers and access to music stored on smart phones and tablets. With the popularity of the Kindle Fire, Yamaha developed a native app that is now available from the Amazon Appstore as well. The App is designed to provide a portrait or landscape mode interface, depending on the device, for easy visibility and use.

Both models will provide 4K video pass-through from yet-to-be-introduced source components that will deliver content with four times the resolution of 1080p. All models also provide 3D video pass-through with Audio Return Channel (ARC).

The flagship RX-V773WA model also features an improved YPAO room calibration system, YPAO R.S.C. (Reflected Sound Control), which offers automatic multi-point room measurement to determine speaker positioning. The RX-V673 offers YPAO R.S.C. for automatic single-point room measurement. The YPAO system now reportedly ensures more accurate room measurements by confirming the subwoofer is fully responding before making audio adjustments.

The RX-V773WA and RX-V673 feature seven assignable amplifiers that direct output for surround back, front presence or Zone 2 speakers per listeners' preferences without changing speaker connections. The seven discreet assignable amplifiers of these models also enable a home entertainment system to deliver 7-channel surround sound in one zone, or to bi-amp and double power to main speakers, or to provide audio to Zone 2.

Other notable performance and convenience features of the RX-V773WA and RX-V673 include:

ECO Mode that reduces the model's power consumption by 20 percent. The model has low power consumption in standby mode and Auto Power Down can be set for 2, 4, 8 or 12 hours;

A subwoofer level adjustment that enables listeners to increase the bass without disturbing the system's crossover point. The result is that vocals and high frequency sounds allegedly do not end up "boomy" or "muddy" from being misdirected through the subwoofer;

A High speed HDMI switching function that remembers the settings of all connected sources, eliminating the time it normally takes to adjust to each when they are selected;

Four convenient SCENE Mode buttons that automatically power on the appropriate components and make system adjustments for specific entertainment options.

CINEMA DSP 3D, with 17 DSP programs, enables users to adjust the listening experience precisely to their preferences. SILENT CINEMA makes it possible to hear large-scale surround sound through ordinary headphones. Virtual CINEMA DSP lets consumers enjoy the effects of CINEMA DSP surround sound without using surround speakers. It can be used with the front / center / presence speakers or even with two front left and right speakers. Yamaha's proprietary Compressed Music Enhancer technology with CINEMA DSP restores lost detail in compressed music files, providing users with a natural sounding listening experience when enjoying their favorite music from an iPod, iPhone or other compressed music source.

The RX-V773WA will be available in June for $849.95 MSRP, and the RX-V673 will be available in May for $649.95 MSRP.

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