Published On: April 17, 2003

Zenith L30W26 30 Inch LCD HDTV Reviewed

Published On: April 17, 2003
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Zenith L30W26 30 Inch LCD HDTV Reviewed

With its 1280 x 768 resolution and 30-inch screen size, Zenith's new L30W26 is well suited as a TV or a high-end computer monitor. This HD-capable display lacks speakers and has an MSRP of $7,999. Does its performance merit the cost? Read on

Zenith L30W26 30 Inch LCD HDTV Reviewed

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Call me crazy, but I love winter. Granted, I don't live in a cold climate and I'm not relegated to shovelling snow, which is a plus. But I look forward to colder weather, when the mountains are blanketed with the white powdery stuff and I can take a weekend to enjoy skiing.

I recently traveled to some of the greatest snow on earth in Utah. It was my first ski trip of the winter season, so I was a bit rusty and slow going for most of the day. Thankfully, I had another wonderful skiing experience free of injury and headed off the mountain to drive three hours to my home.

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Skiers and snowboarders will tell you that there's nothing better than finishing a hard day on the slopes bundled up around the fire with a hot drink. Those pleasant thoughts rattled around my head as I raced home, but they quickly disappeared when I walked up to my door and found a cardboard box lying in a puddle of water.

It seemed that my UPS delivery person left a package at my door without me being home. Now if the package was a knitted pot holder from my Aunt Eunice or a box of cookies I wouldn't have cared, but I was shocked to see a new Zenith 30-inch LCD HDTV covered in water by the sprinklers and visible to anyone walking along the street. I've had other packages "disappear" from my door in the past, and it would have been a real misdeed if an LCD television that retails at $7,999 found another home because a delivery person was too hurried to come back later.

Unique Features
The Zenith television at my door turned out to be a new L30W26 30-inch LCD HDTV monitor that didn't suffer ill effects from my sprinklers. It's an eye-catching television, but the first thing I noticed as I walked it in the house was the weight. With the cabinet only 3-inches deep and less than 22-inches tall, the Zenith is heavier than LCD units I have tested in the past. Officially, the television weighs in at just over 40 pounds, but I found that hard to believe so, like a prizefighter, I put the contender on a scale to confirm the claim. Once my skepticism was proven wrong, I found plenty of technology awaiting me. For starters, the L30W26 has an exceptional 1280 x 768 W-XGA high resolution that is suitable for both an HDTV set and a cornputer display. Yes, this screen works well as a computer display. Even though the majority of owners will likely use this Zenith in their living rooms or dens, the added benefit of being able to operate it as a monitor is significant.

The 16:9 screen lends itself well to a home theater setting. The flat LCD panel is viewable from 170 degrees which is easily seen from any seat in the room. A peak brightness of 450 candles per square meter translates into an incredibly bright picture even in intensely lit environments. I found the brightness quite impressive, even when natural light shown directly on the screen from a window. Moreover, 4H digital comb filter technology separates color data from black & white data better than LCDs of years past. This means true and accurate color images on top of the bright, sharp picture.

This LCD display isn't packaged with speakers since most owners will have likely have an integrated audio system waiting in the wings, but optional speakers are available from Zenith. Even so, an on-screen menu accesses an equalizer and other manual audio settings.

Since an extended display of still images can burn into a screen, the L30W26 has a screensaver to prevent permanent damage. The picture shifts every 10 minutes while you are on the phone with your stock broker or in the kitchen fixing a Dagwood sandwich. A single button on the remote control quickly changes from a 4:3 standard or stretched image to a 16:9 widescreen image. But perhaps the best feature is the zoom in/out adjustment. I was able to stop a movie, zoom in and pan left or right to see detailed writing or intricate details.

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Installation/Setup/Ease of Use
The depth of LCD sets are a big selling point. Like their Plasma
brethren, many LCD monitors can be wall mounted and have a small
footprint when placed on a stand. The L30W26 is sleek and compact with
a width only slightly larger than a 32-inch 4:3 direct view television.
It has an attractive brushed silver cabinet with controls placed under
the front display for uncluttered operation. The back has two
decorative panels that, when removed, reveal two jack packs on either
side of the center post. Attaching cables typically takes only a couple
minutes, but with the Zenith it took much longer. The jacks of the
L30W26 face in an awkward downward manner so connections have to be
made either by feeling around or by tipping the set forward to get a
better view of the connections and their labels. I chose the latter and
tilted the unit forward even after consulting a diagram of the layout
in the manual. The last thing I wanted was to ram an S-Video cable in
upside down or cross component cables with one another only to
troubleshoot it later. Once connected to a DVD source and broadcast
signals from my TiVo digital video recorder, I started to play, er,
test. I discovered that making adjustments is a breeze through the
remote driven menu system.

As I stated before, this HDTV also works terrific as a computer
monitor. My neighbor has three Saint Bernards, but I wanted to be the
biggest dog on my block by attaching the 30-inch LCD HDTV monitor to my
PC. After connecting the RS-232C signal cable from my trusty computer
to the first of two RGB ports on the monitor, I set the resolution to
10240 X 768 for the best picture and ran through the auto configuration
routine. Computer monitors commonly need their screen size, geometry
and position adjusted for optimal viewing. The Zenith has PC
adjustments built-in, along with an external control to turn off the
monitor automatically. I spent quality time loading picture files and
playing mpeg movies on my computer to take in the splendor of such a
superb piece of equipment.

Final Take
One of the shortcomings of LCD technology is a weak black level. I
tested the Zenith first by viewing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's
Stone which has many scenes that have shades of black. One great test
was with the wizard chess game that pitted Harry and his friends in a
test against a mystical foe. Even though the black levels weren't truly
black, they were satisfactory. I viewed other titles with contrasting
color and black levels including Ice Age, Star Wars Episode IV and Lilo
& Stitch. I found that by switching the color temperature,
adjustments, I could fine tune the display to my taste. By changing to
a warm setting, I brought out more red and green shades and more green
and blue came across under the cool selection. Temperature controls can
be user defined as well to fine tune the set to personal tastes.

Sometimes form outweighs function, as with the poorly placed rear
panel connections. I can overlook the pain of connecting the set to
other equipment because it's not often I have to rewire a television.
Still, I would have liked to see inputs placed under the front panel to
conveniently connect a video camera or gaming system. It makes more
sense to simply plug a new component into the front rather than fight
awkward rear jacks. That trade-off notwithstanding, this television
really is an attractive piece of technology that looks amazing with the
power both on and off.

Overall, the Zenith L30W26 is pleasing to the eye with vibrant color
and a hightech design. The highest praise I can give the L30W26 is that
I would buy one if I were in the market for a mid-sized LCD monitor.

Suggested Retail Price

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