Zu Audio OMEN Loudspeaker Reviewed

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Zu Audio OMEN Loudspeaker Reviewed

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Zu_Audio_OMEN_floorstanding_loudspeaker_review.gifThere seems to be a loudspeaker movement underway in Utah. A movement that began with Wilson Audio now includes brands such as RBH and Zu Audio. Zu Audio has been around for about 11 years now and is the brainchild of Sean Casey and Adam Decaria. Zu Audio prides themselves on hand built, high quality, affordable loudspeakers built right here in the good 'ol US of A. Zu Audio offers several different loudspeakers but their entry level series is the OMEN series with the OMEN representing their entry floorstanding loudspeaker. The OMEN retails for $1,500 a pair and is available direct via Zu's website.

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The OMEN is a compact floorstanding loudspeaker measuring 36 inches tall by 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep. The OMEN weighs a respectable 53 pounds apiece thanks in part to its hefty MDF construction with real wood veneer on top. Standard finishes include Ghost Black (black ash), Honey Walnut and Sangria Red, though custom finishes, including automotive lacquer finishes, are available at an extra cost.

The OMEN utilizes a single, 10-inch full-range driver coupled to a single super tweeter. The OMEN has a reported frequency response of 34 - 25,000Hz with an efficiency of 98dB into a nominal 12-Ohm load. In other words, the OMEN can be powered by amplifiers with power ratings as low as four Watts on up to 200 Watts, which is the OMEN's maximum input power rating. The OMEN utilizes zero crossovers or filters of any kind, for that would "color" the speaker's sound - in fact the machined billet super tweeter doesn't kick in until 12,000Hz and up. Another way the OMEN achieves its surprising bass output is thanks in part to its unique cabinet design, which employs Zu's own ZuRG driver/box/room loading technology. You can read more about Zu's ZuRG tech in the OMEN DEF feature review.

In terms of the OMEN's sound quality the best way to describe it is seamless. Those of you unfamiliar with full-range drivers should do yourselves a favor and hear one properly implemented in a loudspeaker such as the OMEN, for it is a thing of beauty. Vocals were rich with lifelike tone and presence that bordered on palpable. Despite its compact size, the performance was still appropriate in its size and scale, even when playing back orchestral works, for the OMEN is one of those speakers that can really jam if the mood calls for it. Bass was surprising from such a compact loudspeaker, though a subwoofer will most likely need to be used in most rooms for full-range sound - although some of you with smaller rooms might be able to do without. The OMEN's high frequency response is smooth and grain-free and remains largely composed at high volumes, though if you push it too hard (just like any loudspeaker) it will compress and get a touch nasty. In terms of dynamics, they don't get much better than the OMEN and its soundstage is equally impressive, possessing astonishing width and depth with solid definition throughout. For a $1,500 a pair, the OMEN is an astonishing achievement from both a build and performance standpoint.

Read about the high points and low points of the OMEN loudspeaker on Page 2.

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