Published On: February 24, 2009

Two New Philips Ambilight HDTVs Added To 9000 Series

Published On: February 24, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Two New Philips Ambilight HDTVs Added To 9000 Series

This summer, Philips will add two new series to its line of LCD HDTVs. The 9600 Series and 9700 Series offer advanced refresh rates to reduce motion blur, the Pixel Pure HD engine, integrated WiFi, and access to the Net TV system.

Two New Philips Ambilight HDTVs Added To 9000 Series

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Philips_9700.gifPhilips recently introduced new additions to its 9000 series HDTVs via two new models for the 9600 series and the new 9700 series announced for release in summer 2009. The TVs boast full HD displays, Philips' Ambilight technology on three sides, and aluminum frames which will be black in the 9604 and 9664, and silver in the 9700 series.
The consumer draw to the Philips 9664 is its waif-like thickness (20mm thick) at its thinnest point. The HDTV also boasts 200Hz "Clear LCD" and a one millisecond response time. This will make for less motion blur, particularly during fast moving scenes which is all the rage in LCD HDTVs right now.
Although slower in refresh rate, the Philips 9604 still comes in with 100Hz Clear LCD and two millisecond response time. Both the 9600 and 9700 series come with the 2009 version of "Perfect Pixel" HD engine, processing 500 million pixels per second, "Perfect Colors" for lifelike color, and "Perfect Natural Motion" for smoother, distortion-free pictures. As for sound, the ranges sport two 15W speakers, with tweeters up at the front behind sound grilles and large volume bass and speaker boxes integrated into the back of the TV. With built-in Wi-Fi, the 9600 and 9700 series are able to take advantage of Philips' new Net TV feature, that allows you to access the Internet via your HDTV.
Finally, both TVs feature an integrated digital TV tuner and have five HDMI ports for easy connectivity between HDMI devices. The 9604 series will be available in 32- and 37-inch screen sizes and the 9664 series will be available in 42- and 47-inch, while the 9700 series will come in 40-, 46- and 52-inch screen sizes. No price details have been announced as yet, but we will get any details to you as soon as we get them.

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